Oct 28, 2014

Can I retrieve project from a corrupt MS Project .mpp file?


I have a MS Project file (2010 .mpp format) with many VBA procedures, user forms, etc. The file has corrupted itself somehow and now I cannot open it at all. I'm not worried about the plan data in the file - there was not much anyway, is it possible to recover it?

Restore your .mpp file through Microsoft Project

Using a computer with Microsoft Project, open the application and click "File" and then "Open." Navigate to the directory containing the ".MPP" file you want to open. Double click on the file's name to open the file. Click “File,” “Print” and the “Print” button to print the MPP file. Click “File,” “Save As.” Enter a new name for the file in the box next to “File name:” to rename the MPP file, if desired. Click the “Save” button.

Project itself is fine and no amount of reinstallation or “repair” will help, since your problem is that your data file is corrupt. This appears to be a fairly common problem (happens with many other document formats, btw, not just with MS Project), caused by the file structure getting more and more complex as you go along, until something breaks.

The best option for you is to recover it from backup if you have one, even if this means losing some edit. Other than that, you could try opening it on another PC (works sometimes) or you could try creating a new project and inserting the corrupt one into it.

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