Oct 21, 2014

How to uninstall touchwiz on a Samsung device?

How can I uninstall touchwiz?
I need help to unistall TouchWiz from my galaxy note4.
If you don't like the TouchWiz, you can try the custom launchers like Nova or Go Launcher without voiding your warranty.
This thread might be useful to you:

You are going to have to root it and flash a custom ROM to really get rid of it. However you can minimize your experience with it by installing a custom launcher. Here is the response to an earlier question from someone with the same question as you:

"Probably the most effective thing you can do without root access is use a different launcher to replace the TouchWiz launcher. I’d probably go with Nova, available on the Play store. Go into settings and apps and disable as many of the TouchWiz functions as possible, except of course the ones that you do like. You can also sideload the Google Now laucher and change the wallpaper to standard Android wallpaper for a different appearance." - Ehtan
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