Jul 29, 2011

Who's tracking my phone?

I have reason to believe someone is using my cell phone to locate and follow me. I know how to stop it, but i want to catch them first. How can I find the person and prove it is them doing it?

Who is tracking my phone
Someone is putting an internet service on my phone that is not mine. The address is e 42D52F_X2 can you help me?
I know someone is tracking my phone and I just want to catch them so I can stop them by the phone number 407 431 5836 and I would appreciate if I can get there location to where they at every time they try to track my phone thank you when are the
How do I no if My phone is being tracked
I have recieve notification of 27 attempts to track me. Please help
What were the notifications? Pop-ups? I've never seen that. It could be malware just pushing an app.

I suggest that you change your Google password to something new immediately and enable 2-factor authentication, in case anyone has access to your account. A factory reset would also be a good idea to get rid of any malware or tracking software. It will erase any data on the device, so make sure you have any photos backed up, then go into your settings (probably SETTINGS>BACKUP & RESET, but it might be under SECURITY depending on your phone and version of Android) and perform a factory reset.
Well I know my phone is being tracked which I really dont care but whats bothering me is its being hacked and someone is simply syncing all my personal and professional datas, photos, vdo's etc.. even after using the factory reset option everytime tht person somehow manage to continue the same max in 2-3day. How do I find whos doing it and how do I stop it or get details of everything tht gets shared/transferred. The hand set I use is Nokia XL which operates on android.

if you think that you get hacked you just need to go the settings and security, do factory reset. It will wipe you phone. Pia yes but deleted everything  and let's start over again.



What kind of phone do you have? That would help me to figure out what tools they may be using to follow you. Different phone operating systems (IOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Symbian) have different exploits.

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