Oct 17, 2014

How do I sync all my music from my PC to an Iphone 6?

When I connect my Iphone 6 to my PC and sync from the itunes site, it only transfers music I have purchased from Apple. It won't transfer all the other music I had copied from CD's to my Itunes library.
Well, you have to add these music files to your iTunes Library first. And then you can sync the music from PC to iPhone 6 in the same way that you transfer the purchased music.
1. remove ALL music from your new iPhone by unchecking "Sync Music" box.
2. Sync phone (it should remove all songs); even if it gets hung up on the last step, you should see all songs removed.
3. Restart iTunes and iPhone.
4. Select "Sync Music" box and songs/playlists etc you want.
5. Select "Sync."

This should do the trick.
If you have an iCloud backup you might want to restore from that as noted in this thread:

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