Oct 16, 2014

Can work monitor video streams when connected to WiFi?

I am at work using a MacBook that they bought but never installed anything on it. I was using their wifi but wasn't surfing anything bad but I was clearing off an old external hard drive of mine and played videos (not appropriate) can they see this?
If you were viewing your videos locally and didn’t have file sharing active (you would need to check that in System Preferences) you should be fine. If file sharing was on, you are still probably fine. I can’t speak for IT at your work, but for the most part IT has other things to worry about that takes preference over an employee watching a few minutes of something mildly inappropriate. If it was something wildly inappropriate and someone noticed, you would have probably heard about it by now. Personally, I would keep my mouth shut about this unless someone brings it up and stop watching inappropriate videos at work. Stick to cat videos if you have to kill some time.
I do not know, you might want to check with someone in your IT department if there's someone you can trust there.

Generally, it's not a good idea to watch inappropriate videos at work. If it's an issue for them and they saw you do it, they will probably bring it up to you. If not you are probably in the clear.
U think they could access a MacBook and see the video(s) I was watching from my external hard drive? I was connected to their wifi, but wasn't watching videos through the internet.
I think you are ok. Personally, I wouldn't worry about it. It would require you to have file sharing on and someone to actively be looking through your files to see anything.
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