Oct 16, 2014

How can I tell if someone activated the NFC file share on my phone without my knowledge?

I think someone copied the data from my phone using NFC on either my phone or the phone they transferd the data to
Who share my files from my phone from my wifi and what did they see
My NFC was tur on with out my me now in how can I find out if hacked
My NFC was turned on...and I didn't do it...how do I find out if I was hacked and by who and when
I don't know
What if I allowed someone access to my galaxy s5 while I was driving them somewhere to play music and now I'm concerned that he was doing more. He has an Apple iphone6. When I checked my settings the NFC was turned on but I had not checked it before so it may have been on because of default. Is there any way for me to find out if he stole info off my phone?
I have an Xperia phone..I ask because my x boyfriend would sketch my phone, and violate all my privacy.. Wondering if he's activated it or if so what can he do
I am not sure, but this article has information about how NFC works when sharing with two Android devices:

NFC range is very short. Any device connecting via NFC is going to have to be almost in physical contact with your device. You didn’t mention what your kind of phone you have, but a quick look at the only device I have with NFC (a 4.4 KitKat phone), the user has to toggle on NFC using a toggle button in the notification bar “pull down menu” (I’m having one of those moments when I can’t think of the proper name of it). On your device, it may require you to go into your settings to turn it on. Someone can’t just switch NFC on without having physical access to your device. Also, I am fairly certain that NFC is inactive when the screen is off to save battery life on most devices, so they would need to have your device within a few centimeters of their device, NFC must be enabled, and your screen would need to be on. Even then, it isn’t as if NFC grants a free pass to your file system. It essentially operates like a very short range Bluetooth connection, but without the hassle of pairing. There are just too many step to go through for this to be a likely method for someone to steal information off of your device. I’m not sure of a way that you could check to make sure that it didn’t happen, but it is unlikely that it did.
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