Jul 28, 2011

Would you switch from Gmail to Microsoft hosted Office 365 email?


Microsoft is hoping to gain some traction against Gmail by pointing out what Gmail does in a humorous and informational way.




I would not as I find GMail useful and mostly comfortable to use. I don't see anything that Microsoft offers that would make me change my mind and switch to their product. GMail isn't perfect by any means, but it is very useful and I'd rather stick with it than switch to something else.

Others mileage may vary though. And who knows, maybe Microsoft can come up with a Gmail killer that will cut into Google's market share. I'm all for more competition in that regard.

First off, that's a funny commercial/infomercial.


No, I'm not willing to leave Gmail for my personal email. Their ads don't bother me. But I wouldn't want to use it for corporate mail, any more than I would use Yahoo hosted email for my business. As the little girl says, "Ewwwww."


Does Gmail for corporate accounts also scour your email to produce ads? Or is this fluff piece just an attack ad pushing FUD?

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