Oct 15, 2014

Which one is best Android Wear Smartwatch - LG or Gear 2?

I would like to buy a Android Wear powered smartwatch but there are many products on the market. LG, Gear 2, or etc?
Samsung galaxy gear 2 is accepted and appreciated worldwide for its quality standard performance. You can use this device for keeping record of your fitness performance. You can wear the smart watch around your wrist and create a wonderful impression on the people around. For more details you can visit Samsung India site.This will suit your style and help you to maintain the plush appeal of your personality without any doubt.
OK. I have made a google search and read the http://www.homecontrolhelp.com/2014/09/motorola-moto-360-vs-lg-g-watch-vs-samsung-gear-live-android-wear-comparison.html. The LG G is my choice and is better than a traditional watch.
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