Oct 14, 2014

Why does data usage on home wifi count as mobile data when using T-Mobile's WiFi calling?

Recently, I switched to T-Mobile USA with my iPhone 5S and enabled WIFI-calling. Since then, my mobile data volume has gone up drastically. T-Mobile counts data usage on my home wifi network as well to the mobile data volume. I know this, because there is mobile data traffic stated on my bill during times when I was at home for sure, i.e. at night. T-Mobile says they can't do anything about it and I should just buy more data volume. Does anyone have the same issue?
T-Mobile is using their new VoLTE (voice-over LTE) network - which is going to be the route all Carriers take. Similar to VOIP in the landline world, it connects phone calls using their Wireless Data Network not the traditional Wireless Voice Network (yes, data and cellular have been paired off one way or another to-date). So, what that essentially means is that when you use the Wi-Fi connection it connects with your landline router but shortly thereafter ends up on T-Mobile's Data Network and back to the recipient to complete the call.....all of which is 'metered' as data....increasing your usage and in effect the cost of your Data. There's a reason they are giving folks a free Wi-Fi router in the 'deal'.
If you get sick of TMobile, try Consumer Cellular. I use them and they offer a lot of inexpensive data and phone plans. I do not think they have wifi calling but they might add it at some point.

I just went to the T-Mo website and looked around because of your question. Turns out that they count the WiFi calling minutes against you just as if you are using your “normal” minutes. This seems to defeat the purpose of the service. Well, defeat the purpose for you. For T-Mobile it’s great. They get to offload their network traffic to your WiFi and still charge you for it. I don’t see any advantage to the customer whatsoever. I generally think T-Mobile is one of the lesser evils when it comes to mobile carriers, but in this case it seems like they are offering a service that is purely for their benefit.

I don't know why it would count for your mobile data when you are connected to your own WiFi. I can't seem to find anything specific that addresses that, but since you are getting charged for your minutes anyway, maybe it would be better to disable the feature.
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