Oct 07, 2014

How to fix a jumpy optical mouse?

The optical mouse on my Mac is acting sort of like one of those old style...er...mice, the ones with the wheel that gathered up hair and gunk. Obviously that’s not the problem with an optical mouse, so what could cause it make the cursor jump around when I move the mouse?


Most of the times that I’ve gotten complaints about this, it was when someone was using an optical mouse on a glass surface. If you have a glass desk (this may be true for other glossy surfaces as well) try a mouse pad - I bet it will resolve the issue. If there isn’t a mouse pad nearby, you can just use a piece of paper to see if it makes a difference. Other than that, I would clean the bottom of the mouse with either a microfiber cloth or a cotton t-shirt. You might also want to try unplugging the mouse and plugging it back it in, or, if it is wireless replace the battery.  

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