Oct 06, 2014

How long can the Windows 10 Technical Preview be used?

If you install the Windows 10 Technical Preview, how long can you use it? Is there an end date, or will you just be able to update it to the final version of Windows 10?

hi I was told that if u have a windows 8 real copy that you get the free upgrade to the windows 10 when the final review is up I am running windows 10 now looks good few things they need to fix drivers for sure but all good so fair to say I was just wondering as I went to this copy from my windows 8.11 to 10 I don't no if I have to go back then get the free copy that way when it comes up as they said all windows 8 users get a copy win 7 down don't ttyl
if i update my Windows 10 TP on 15 Aprill 2015, do i have to pay or it's for free?
It appears that you will be able to install and use Windows 10 TP for free for at least a year. Microsoft hasn't been completely clear about what happens when the year is up, but you might have to pay then.

According to Microsoft, the Technical Preview expires on April 15, 2015. I'm not certain about whether you will be able to update to the final version, but since Microsoft says, "we'll send you notifications beginning on April 1, 2015 to remind you that it’s time to upgrade your PC to a newer version," I suspect that you will. 

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