Oct 02, 2014

When will the full version of Windows 10 be available?

The Windows 10 Technical Preview is available now, but I’m more interested in the final, stable version when it is released. When will Windows 10 go gold?

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Windows 10 will be release date on mid or late 2015 year (maybe June) and you can use to its technical preview version to have a try with the new OS. Here are the http://www.surfacetablethelp.com/2014/10/windows-10-hardware-requirements-new-features.html fow Windows 10's new features.
Windows 10 release date: mid/late 2015

"Since this is a rather wide time frame, we'd say that we expect Windows 10 to be released around the middle of 2015, or just a few months after that - near the end of the summer, but of course, that's just speculation."

An exact date has not been given by Microsoft, but it is supposed to be available mid-2015. I would guess May or June, but I could be wrong. 

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