Oct 02, 2014

How does the new Windows based Stream laptop compare with a Chromebook?

The newest entry in the cheap laptop category is a Windows based laptop that will reportedly sell for $200 or so. I’m all for inexpensive but functional hardware. However, my experience with cheap Windows machines has not been particularly positive. Chromebooks can get away with having low end hardware because they are running an OS designed to do little more than support the Chrome browser. Windows, as far as I know, was not designed with this minimalism in mind, and it would seem ill suited to perform as well as Chrome on this type of machine. Does anyone have any idea how well these Stream laptops stack up against a Chromebook?

Is the Windows-based HP Stream 14 a Chromebook killer?

"Microsoft may have the answer to the Chromebook surge: An under-$200 laptop from HP with full-on Windows 8.1, a 14-inch screen, and 100 GB of free cloud-base storage. Will this be the machine that kills off Chromebooks?"

The article above seems quite optimistic about Stream laptops, but I think we'll have to wait and see if they really do any damage to Chromebooks. I'm somewhat skeptical that they will, but time will tell.
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