Sep 29, 2014

Career advice for climbing up ladder from Management to executive leadership role in IT

How can one grow into a leadership role from senior management role in IT field?



Amazon has some books about how to become a CIO that could be very useful to you. It's a good place to start finding tips.


This article from ComputerWeekly may give you some insight. I don’t think that there is a step-by-step method to become a CIO, it is a very individual journey for everyone. Also, you have to honestly self-evaluate. Are you extroverted? Do you think strategically? Do you have the knowledge and experience that a C-level position requires? Are you effective at utilizing your staff’s assets? Do you current superiors and subordinates respect you on a professional and personal level? What makes you more suited than others for a C-level position? 


Good luck. Cultivate your relationships with both those who can help you and those who you think cannot. Demonstrate that you have unique value to your company (or another company), and give them every reason to want you to make decisions that can help your company succeed….or fail. 

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