Sep 28, 2014

Requirements for CCNP certification

I have completed my CCNA course and have signed up for CCNP training. Is a CCNA certification compulsory or can I get CCNP certification directly? Or can I go for both at same time?


You might want to check out some of the books about CCNA on Amazon. One of them might be of use to you.


First off, and I don’t mean to sound like the grammar police, you should make sure that you are able to communicate clearly. If you send a cover letter that is written like this question, your resume could be the greatest in the world and it will go in the trash unread. Organize your thoughts, use punctuation, and you will communicate what you want to get across much more successfully. 


In response to your question as I understand it, CCNA is a prerequisite for CCNP. As far as I know, so you can’t get your CCNP until you have your CCNA cert. CCNA is an entry level certification, CCNP generally indicates more experience. 

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