Sep 26, 2014

Cloud data backup and storage - help and advice needed

I am looking for at least 75 GB capacity, allowing selection of items to backup, and instantaneous backup whenever files are altered. (I do a lot of writing and have been asking for trouble all these years with never backing up online.) What do you suggest?

According to my personal experience I would like you to suggest best backup plan for the files or any other data. i.e. CloudBacko software. Data remains secured because healthy encryption is done, which means code is unbreakable. So have a try to this software for creating your backup plan for your data .http://free.cloudbacko.com/?r=1d
Top Five “Free” Cloud-Based Storage Services for Writers

"Chances are you’ve already experienced the gut churning feeling of disappearing documents from your computer. Like most of us, you probably wanted to kick yourself for not properly backing up your important files when you had the opportunity. Or, you may have deferred the decision because of cost.

Fortunately, you don’t have to search very hard these days to see that the cost of storage over the past few years has gone down dramatically. Not that long ago it was more common to pay a monthly subscription for a computer program you had to download and install in order to get your files stored with some premium private cloud service."

Have you thought about Google Drive cloud storage? I know it’s not a very creative choice, but since they lowered the price to 1TB for $10 it might be worth taking a look at. https://drive.google.com


I am suggesting you go with backup runner cloud backup and data recovery services.

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