Jul 27, 2011

Is Licensing easier for Microsoft virtualization than for VMWare?

Does anyone have any stories to share regarding VMware or Microsoft licensing for their respective virtualization products? My experience in this area is limited, although my company has licensed software from Microsoft for many years.




Figuring out Microsoft licensing is easy. Call CDW and expect a wrong answer in about a week.


Seriously though, Microsoft licensing has gotten more and more difficult. You may purchase Microsoft products from a generalist like CDW or from a specific hardware vendor like HP or directly from Microsoft under a developer agreement. You may need to purchase Software Assurance to get better pricing, and although sometimes there's a discount for buying large numbers of licenses at once, that may not be readily apparent by looking at CDW's site.


Microsoft has kindly developed a video series that explains the complexities of licensing their products for virtual use, but has kept it vague enough that you'll still need to speak with a Microsoft licensing expert.




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