Sep 23, 2014

How to get student license for Microsoft Office?

What does a college student need to do to get a student license for Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office for students just got easier with self-serve licenses

"Previously, the Student Advantage Program forced students to contact their campus IT department, who then had to set up the account and provide access to the students. Now, all the student needs to do is to provide a verified email address from the school, and Microsoft will do all the heavy lifting.

Microsoft also announced a corollary benefit: If a school buys an Office disc-based subscription for their faculty and staff, Microsoft will give the faculty and staff a (presumably one-year) subscription to Office 365 as well. The students will get the same benefit, Microsoft added. "

The student needs to attend a school that provides Office 365 to faculty and staff. If they do, they can get use Microsoft’s Student Advantage Program to get a student license and free access. They need to have an email address with that school to prove they attend so they can get it, I believe. Also, they need to be 13 or older, which shouldn’t be an issue for a college student. 


You can find more information at Microsoft's Office 356 for Students webpage.  https://office.microsoft.com/en-us/office-in-education-FX104367920.aspx 


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