Sep 22, 2014

Quality analyst to Project manager- career path

Hi all ,
I am Computer engineer . Don't have much interest in coding . I wanted to do MBA but could not . Currently I am working as a Quality Analyst(Manual Testing ) .
How to shift from Technical to Management ?  I can afford do join Distant/Online MBA courses . I am from India ,there are hundreds of courses  available but many people suggested me not to join as distant MBA doesnot have much value .

If I go by normal procedure I will become Team lead in 5-6 years experience , What do you guys suggest so that  I can be a team leader in 2-3 years ?  I can study 3 hours daily , work extra in office .

Any inputs are welcome

I suggest taking a look at Simply Hired, Dice and other job sites. Find the jobs that lend themselves to transitioning into the roles you want, then take careful note of the requirements for those positions. From there you can start to compile a list of what you'll need to make the transition into the job you want.
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