Sep 20, 2014

How to take a screenshot on a Chromebook?

I have an HP Chromebook 14, and I was wondering how to take a screenshot on it.


You can simply press "Ctrl" and "Window Switcher" keys at the same time to take screenshot of whole screen on Chrome book. And press "Ctrl", "Shift" and "Window Switcher" keys to snapshot any selected area. Aside from this method, there exists other ways to take snapshot on Chromebook.


To take a standard screenshot ,  just press the Control (Ctrl) key along with the switch window key at the same time. The "switch window key" is has an outline of multiple windows on it, sitting just above the row of numbers; placement may vary depending on device.


Looks like you have two answers to your question already, but here's a link to the Chromebook support page in case anything else comes up:


Let’s say you need to take a snap of your entire screen. To do this you press the ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Window Switcher’ keys at the same time:

If you just want to capture a specific area of the screen just add shift to the key combo

To take a screenshot, just hold down CTRL and the “window switcher” key (the key on the top row that looks like a rectangle with two vertical lines - on my Chromebook it is located directly above the 6 key). You can also take screenshots of a specific portion of the screen by hitting CTRL + SHIFT + “window stretcher key.”
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