Sep 19, 2014

How does Simply Secure improve cloud security?

There was an announcement today that Google and Dropbox were starting something called Simply Secure to improve cloud storage security. What does Simply Secure do that hasn’t already been done by other cloud services providers?


According to me Dropbox is a personal cloud storage service that is frequently used for file sharing & collaboration and Google Drive is a file storage. Google Docs initially provided 1 GB of storage for free in 2012. But now the storage plans were revised again and prices were drastically reduced to just $1.99 per month for 100 GB or $9.99 for 1 TB. This is much cheaper than competitor Dropbox. But I am not using any of them. I prefer Free CloudBacko ( for my data storage. As compared to google and one drive it can store 100 TB of data free of cost.

I see that Number 6 already answered your question about Simply Secure, but here's a link to a good cloud security overview article that might interest you:

Simply Secure is an organization founded by Google, DropBox and the Open Technology Fund to help make it easier to use open source security tools. The main issue with current security measures is that many people will not use them because they are somewhat inconvenient. An example of this is two-factor authentication. While it is effective and relatively simple to implement, it does require some additional effort and the sad fact is that many people can’t be bothered to make even that small sacrifice for their own benefit. Simply Secure is an effort to make additional levels of security “pain free” for users, so that they will actually be taken advantage of and utilized. 


Google’s blog post on this issue provides a nice concise summary: 


A recent Pew study found that 86% of people surveyed had taken steps to protect their security online. This is great—more security is always good. However, if people are indeed working to protect themselves, why are we still seeing incidents, breaches, and confusion? In many cases these problems recur because the technology that allows people to secure their communications, content and online activity is too hard to use. 


In other words, the tools for the job exist. But while many of these tools work technically, they don’t always work in ways that users expect. They introduce extra steps or are simply confusing and cumbersome. (“Is this a software bug, or am I doing something wrong?”) However elegant and intelligent the underlying technology (and much of it is truly miraculous), the results are in: if people can’t use it easily, many of them won’t. 


We believe that people shouldn’t have to make a trade-off between security and ease of use. This is why we’re happy to support Simply Secure, a new organization dedicated to improving the usability and safety of open-source tools that help people secure their online lives. 


Over the coming months, Simply Secure will be collaborating with open-source developers, designers, researchers, and others to take what’s there—groundbreaking work from efforts like Open Whisper Systems, The Guardian Project, Off-the-Record Messaging, and more—and work to make them easier to understand and use. 


We’re excited for a future where people won’t have to choose between ease and security, and where tools that allow people to secure their communications, content, and online activity are as easy as choosing to use them.


Posted by Meredith Whittaker, Open Source Research Lead and Ben Laurie, Senior Staff Security Engineer



Yes why not you can definitely find these with other companies. Just different their function and technology but their aims are same.

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