Sep 18, 2014

How much free space is required to install iOS8?

How much free space is needed on a iPad to install iOS8? I have an iPad Mini with 16GB, so I don’t have too much to work with.


You have 27.35 GB of usable capacity out of 32 GB of the storage. If your phone is smaller or larger than 32 GB, approximately 4.6 GB will be reserved for overhead.

iOS 8 update may be too big for your iPhone or iPad

"Apple just released iOS 8, but if you're preparing to update your iPhone or iPad then be ready to clear out enough free space. While previous iOS updates have always required around 1GB of free space, a large number of iPhone and iPad owners are noticing that iOS 8 requires up to 5.7GB of free space to install. The number varies depending on device and increases up to 7GB on some iPad models, but if you have an 8GB iPhone 5C or even a 16GB iPhone then you're likely to run into issues."

You may have to delete some apps and photos - iOS 8 requires somewhere between 5-7GB of free storage to install, probably closer to 7GB. With only 16GB of storage available on your iPad Mini, you should be able to install it, but you are only going to have 8-10GB of space available for everything else afterwards. That should be enough, but it doesn’t leave you a lot to play with.  


16 GB is enogh for it, you can install it.

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