Sep 18, 2014

How to objectively measure voice quality on VoIP network?

How do you keep tabs on the voice quality of phone calls over a VoIP network? I occasionally hear complaints from customers about poor call quality, but there are so many variables other than my VoIP system that I need to be sure that the problem is on my end to do something about it. With everyone using cell phones with sometimes iffy call quality, I suspect that is most often the cause of complaints since they are so common. In fact, one person I know well called me personally to mention it, but I could barely understand him because he was driving with his window down. I'm not trying to deny the possibility of a problem, but I don't want to go chasing issues that don't exist. Suggestions?

We have a lot of customers all over the world, that is why communication is an important part of the company performance. Some years ago we started to use Zvonokla ip telephony. It has good sound quality and built-in crm solutions which help us to manage clients. But everything still depends on business, whether you need simple telephony or telephony with additional features
I see that Nick already posted a great answer to your question, but here's a link to an overview article about VoIP for those who might not be familiar with it:


You're correct that there are many variables to figure out what is affecting your VoIP service. Essentially, if your network doesn't have enough bandwidth to support the data stream for the calls you're making, quality is going to suffer.


Depending on your provider, you should have some console that allows you adjust various components of your service. However, you may want to check your network first as it is the foundation for the communication service.


Start by using this:




The quantifiable, general measurement of a VoIP service is you MOS or mean opinion score. It ranges from a 1 being awful to 5 being very good. In a nutshell, this is measurment is based on several network factors like upload and download speeds, jitter, latency and packet loss.


Check with your provider for more details on how you can tweak your system to improve call quality after you are certain the network is in good condition.

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