Sep 16, 2014

How to display FPS of online video with Chrome?

Is there a way to get the Chrome browser to display the FPS (frames per second) of video content playing in the browser window?

It looks like you have a good answer already, but here's a link to Chrome's support page in case anything else comes up:


There is an experimental feature in Chrome that will let you do this. 


Go to chrome://flags/

Look down the list for “FPS Counter” and enable the feature.


However, there is a reason this is still considered an experimental feature. The FPS shown will actually be the average rate at which the video is being rendered by the browser, not the actual frame rate of the video. Still, this will hopefully be of some use to you. 


Reddit user Sproxxx put together an illustration that explains what you will be seeing: https://i.imgur.com/QkJ2vcu.png 

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