Sep 16, 2014

Will Google bring the Android One to the US?

Google just released the Android One, a mid-range Android handset with decent specs (4.5” display, 1.3Ghz quad-core cpu, 4.4 KitKat). Nothing too special about that, but it retails for the equivalent of $103. I know that the average consumer in the US is more affluent than the average consumer in India, but I think there are plenty of people who would jump at a relatively solid Android smartphone for $100. Any chance that Google will release the One in America?

Catamount had a good answer to your question, but here's a link to the Android One site in case you want more information from Google itself:


Well, first off, Android One is really more of a concept than an individual device. The Android One project is an effort by Google to bring decent, inexpensive Android devices to developing countries, starting with India. The model depends on using local, or at least regional, manufacturers and local carriers to deliver devices that are build with the specific needs of that market taken into consideration. On top of that, a vanilla version of Android is specified, so there is no need for OEMs to develop proprietary Android interfaces such as Samsung’s Touchwiz, and therefore lower cost to consumers. 


For example, people generally don’t update their devices in India because it uses too much of their data plan. Android One addresses this by partnering with carriers to provide updates for the first 6 months and a data allowance for apps without it counting against users’ data allowance under their plan. 


Because the business model is different for the Indian market and the Android One than Google’s model for the US, I seriously doubt we will be seeing Android One here. However, there are devices that are not much more than the Android One models available here. A quick Google search showed a no contract Moto G is available for under $100 in the US. That’s a better phone for less money. We don’t need Android One.   


Currently Google launch this in India. Soon it's launch pakistan, canada etc.

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