Sep 16, 2014

What are some legal, legitimate reasons to use TOR?

A lot of people seem to think TOR is all about shady or illegal activity, which it is not although they aren’t entirely wrong either. What are some legitimate uses that you have found for TOR?

The Tor site itself has a great list of those who use Tor and why they use it:


Redditor LimitlessLTD put together a list of legit reasons to use TOR after the now disputed report of Comcast cancelling a customer’s service because of TOR use was published. I think it nicely sums up many of the reasons an average person might want to use TOR:


"Normal People use TOR

  • They protect their privacy from unscrupulous marketers and identity thieves.

  • They protect their communications from irresponsible corporations.

  • They protect their children online.

  • They research sensitive topics.

  • They skirt surveillance.

  • They circumvent censorship.

Activists & Whistleblowers use TOR

  • When groups such as the Friends Service Committee and environmental groups are increasingly falling under surveillance in the United States under laws meant to protect against terrorism, many peaceful agents of change rely on Tor for basic privacy during legitimate activities.

  • Human rights activists use Tor to anonymously report abuses from danger zones.

  • Human Rights Watch recommends Tor.

  • Tor has consulted with and volunteered help to Amnesty International.

  • Global Voices recommends Tor.

  • Tor can help activists avoid government or corporate censorship that hinders organization. In one such case, a Canadian ISP blocked access to a union website used by their own employees to help organize a strike.

  • In east Asia, some labor organizers use anonymity to reveal information regarding sweatshops that produce goods for western countries and to organize local labor.

Journalists and their Audiences use TOR

  • Reporters without Borders.

  • The US International Broadcasting Bureau.

  • Citizen journalists in China.

  • Citizens and journalists in Internet black holes(Tunisia, Yemen etc.)

Business executives use Tor

  • Security breach information clearinghouses.

  • Seeing your competition as your market does.

  • Keeping strategies confidential.

  • Accountability.

The Military use TOR

  • Field agents.

  • Hidden services.

  • Intelligence gathering.

Law enforcement officers use TOR

  • Sting operations.

  • Online surveillance.

  • Truly anonymous tip lines.

TL:DR TOR is a tool that is used by respectable citizens as well as criminals. Do not be fooled by those that wish to circumvent your freedoms.


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