Sep 16, 2014

How to share files with iCloud?

I have to do some work this week using iCloud, which I am not familiar with (I usually use Google Drive and DropBox). How do you share files with other users with iCloud?


How do you like Skydrive? I've been using Dropbox for a long time, tried "box" as well. Mostly for 1Password and other app syncing, and occasionally file sharing. 

Aryton had a good answer for your question, but here's a link to iCloud support in case anything else comes up later:

It is very easy. You can just send the people you want to share a file with a link to that file. 


1. Click on the “Share” icon in the toolbar (I assume you are using a Mac).

2. Select “ Share link via iCloud” and then select the option you want (email, twitter, etc.). 

3. Fill in the requested information (email addresses).


If you need more detailed instruction, check HERE on Apple’s support website.  


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