Sep 13, 2014

How to stop Netflix from automatically playing the next episode in a series?

One Netflix feature that many people seem to like is autoplay, which automatically plays the next show in a series. I am not one of those people. I tend to watch a lot of anime when I’m turning in for the night, and I sometimes fall asleep. The next few episodes will play and I have to find the episode where I feel asleep. Another issue is that there are often extras after the credits, which autoplay causes me to miss. I have looked in the settings on a number of different platforms, including Android, Windows, Chromebook, and PS3, and in none could I find a way to turn it off. Is there a way, and if so, how do I disable this feature?

Number6 already answered your question, but here's a link to the Netflix Help Center in case anything else comes up:


It also took me a long time to realize that you could turn this feature off. Login to your Netflix account through a browser, then click on your name/profile on the top right (I assume that it is always your name, at least it is on my account. In the resulting drop-down menu, click on “YOUR ACCOUNT” then go to the “YOUR PROFILE” section. Click on “PLAYBACK SETTINGS” and uncheck the box beside “Play next episode automatically.” 


I wish it was easier to toggle this feature on and off. For some shows, especially if I’m getting in some quality couch time on a rainy Saturday, I like when it plays automatically and skips the opening and end credits. Other times, I don’t want to scramble for the controller to try to stop the next episode from playing.   

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