Sep 12, 2014

Which is the more important product announcement, the iPhone 6 or the Apple Watch?

So, what is the most important product just announced by Apple. The iPhone is clearly a very important and profitable product, but the Apple Watch could be a product that exceeds expectations in the same way the iPad did upon launch. Over time, is the Apple Watch going to be as central to the Apple experience as the iPhone? 

In the short term, the iPhone 6. A great deal of Apple's revenue is currently based on the iPhone. However, over the long haul the Apple Watch is bound to pull in quite a lot of money as well. But we'll have to wait and see what that impact actually is once the watch is released.

In terms of sales, it will no doubt be the iPhone 6. I personally am not convinced that the smartwatch is here to stay, even now that Apple has jumped on board. It just doesn’t offer that much functionality for the price. I mean, sure it is a little convenient and neat, but do we really need a smartwatch to have time and date, which normal watches offer, plus a heartrate monitor and the ability to read your messages on a tiny display? It just isn’t a compelling reason to buy one.  


On the other hand, iPhones sell millions of units each year, and offers pretty much everything you could want in a portable device. A quick search came back with iPhone 5 sales in the 91 million units range. That’s a lot of product. There is no way the Apple Watch will even come close.

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