Sep 11, 2014

When will lighting connector audio devices be available?

The lightning connection audio standard for Apple devices was announced almost three months ago. When will I be able to buy headphones that take advantage of the higher bandwidth and other features made possible by using the lightning connector?"

Riffin answered your question, but here's a link to the Lightning overview page at Wikipedia that you might find interesting:


"Lightning is a proprietary computer bus and power connector created by Apple Inc. to replace its previous proprietary 30-pin dock connector, used to connect Apple mobile devices like iPhones, iPads and iPods to host computers, external monitors, cameras, USB battery chargers and other peripherals. Using eight pins instead of thirty, Lightning is significantly more compact than the 30-pin dock connector and can be inserted with either side facing up. However, it is incompatible with cables and peripherals designed for its predecessor, unless used with an adapter. It was introduced in 2012 and as of September 2014 is used by all Apple mobile devices."

According to a recent article on techspot, Phillips just announced the first headphones that will do it, beating out Apple and Beats Audio (which you probably recall is now owned by Apple). 

I applaud the adoption of newer, superior technology, but I have to wonder how much difference it will really make in terms of audio quality. The weak link, it seems to me, is not so much the headphones or their connection, but rather the poor quality of the vast majority of today’s digital audio due to audio data compression. See this PopSci article for more on this topic.   

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