Sep 10, 2014

Do you trust Apple to keep your money secure with iPay?

I don’t know all of the details about iPay yet, but in light of the fact that a lot of private photos on iCloud just became a lot less private makes me question the wisdom of using iPay on a device like an iPhone. iPhones are also frequently stolen, which would seem to further increase the chance of compromised security. How risky is it to turn mobile devices like iPhones into portable banks that are carried around in pockets and purses?

I'll offer a qualified yes, but I'll hold off on a final judgement until I've actually been able to use it.

Tom's Guide has some thoughts on Apple Pay security that might interest you:


"Apple's Apple Pay mobile-payment system, introduced today (Sept. 9), promises to finally revolutionize retail shopping in the United States after previous failed attempts by Google Wallet and Isis, aka Softcard. But despite Apple's claim that Apple Pay is "fast, secure and private," can you really trust it? "
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