Sep 09, 2014

Why is there so much hype and excitement for Destiny?

Maybe I’m just an old guy, as much as that pains me to admit, but I still play video games all the time, especially with my kids. We have many hours of Little Big Planet on the PS3 , along with Forza and various versions of Soul Calibur on our XBox 360. I stopped by the local Starbucks on the way home and it is next to a GameStop, where people were already waiting to get Destiny. I understand the excitement for a major release, but looking at the trailers for Destiny, it looked a lot like a spiffed up version of Halo (which I got on day 1 with the original XBox, by the way, and I liked it). At the risk of sounding out of touch, what’s so special about Destiny to deserve all the hype and excitement?


The first DAY sales numbers for Destiny just came out, and that single day of sales exceeded $500 million dollars. This is the largest sales number for the launch of a new franchise ever. It’s a big deal.


That said, I own the game. Yes, I bought it one day one like everyone else. To be honest, while I like the game very much, there aren’t many truly revolutionary developments that I have noticed. The matchmaking is very good. The gameplay is also good. I’m just not so sure that there is anything that really sets a new standard. That said, it is still really fun to play.


I have no idea, but here's a link to the Destiny site. It certainly looks cool.


To be fair, I guess thinking of it as Super Halo might not be all that far off the mark. Bungie, the developers of Destiny were also the developers of Halo, and they have been upfront about aspects of Destiny being heavily influenced by their earlier work. However, you are joined by other players in what seems to be a pretty unique gameplay experience. I wish I had tried the beta, but I was just too busy at the time. 


Also, this is one of the first really big budget games that is on the next-gen systems (if you still call PS4 and XBox One next-gen). And when I say big budget, I mean HUGE budget. Destiny is a $500 million dollar video game, the most expensive ever made. I think a lot of people are pretty excited to see what a developer like Bungie can do with a half billion dollar budget. They have a proven track record with much smaller budgets, so I'm expecting something pretty impressive.

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