Sep 06, 2014

What advantages does 64-bit Chrome Browser offer over 32-bit Chrome Browser?

Are there any advantages that the user will notice by switching to the newly released 64-bit version of the Chrome browser?

Google Chrome 64-bit - Is It Better Than The 32-bit Version?

"A few weeks ago, Google released the 64-bit version of the popular Chrome browser and promised increased stability, security, and speed. We were curious to learn how many of these promises are true, and share what you gain and lose when using the 64-bit version of this browser. We have used this browser for a couple of days and ran several benchmarks. Here's what you get when using the 64-bit version of Google Chrome instead of the 32-bit version."

You are unlikely to see many differences outside of a few specific areas. Here is a link to a number of benchmarks comparing 64-bit and 32-bit Chrome, and for the most part the results were comparable. Benchmark scores were exactly the same for HTML5, and Peacekeeper and Rightware benchmarks were within 1% of each other. In the Sunspider benchmark, which measures Javascript performance, the 32-bit version was actually superior, with a 7% speed advantage.  



Benchmarks aren’t the entire story, though. The 64-bit version doesn’t support NPAPI plugins, so some plugins will not work at this point. According to Google, the 64-bit version performs better with HD video (think YouTube), is more stable and has a 50% lower crash rate while browsing, and boasts increased integration with Windows 8.1 security features. 

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