Sep 04, 2014

How will WebRTC impact VoIP?

The most popular new kid at VoIP High seems to be WebRTC. There seems to be a lot of buzz in communications circles about WebRTC, but what will it change with respect to VoIP? Is it really an important development, or is it just hype?

I think we may need to wait and see what happens with it. It could be too early to really know what its impact will be on VoIP.

You can get more info about WebRTC here:


It's difficult to say exactly how it will effect VoIP in the future as it just became a viable method for communicating over the web. As Google, Mozilla and Opera support virtually all components of WebRTC technology with their respective browsers, sites can build these functions directly into web coding that will allow free communication (meaning voice and video) between two or more endpoints regardless of what browser each is using.


Potentially, it could lead to a new breakthrough in communication technology. Apps like Skype and FaceTime are mostly free but lack interoperability – as there is really no cost for the core components for developers, it is likely that the market may shift to WebRTC (or ORTC depending on how things play) based technologies, especially for residential communication.

Here are a couple of pieces about the background of the technology and guides for using the calls. The links in these blogs lead to other informative resources that may interest you as well:




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