Sep 04, 2014

Why do Chromebooks offer so much better battery life than Windows laptops?

I have both a Windows 7 Laptop and a Chromebook. 95% of the time, I use the Chromebook both because it meets most of my needs and it has much better battery life than the Windows machine. I get around 3 hours from my 14” Windows laptop vs. about 7 hours from my 14” Chromebook. How are Chromebooks so much more efficient than a comparably sized Windows laptop?

Ehtan has it right on this. Chrome OS offers quite a bit of an advantage in terms of battery life, and it's only going to get better from where we are right now with them.

There are a combination of reasons. Chrome OS is a lightweight OS, and I assume that is it somewhat more efficient at power management than Windows. Note that MacBooks tend to also have better battery life than Windows laptops, although part of this may also be better quality batteries and tighter integration of hardware and software, as well as more efficient power management by OS X . A major factor is the lack of HDDs in Chromebooks. A HDD takes a lot more power than a SSD does. Chromebooks are about to get even battery life with the new Nvidia Tegra processor, which is very power efficient and the first Chromebooks that make use of it are showing 12+ hour battery life. As hardware developers put the lessons learned in the mobile market to use in laptop (the Tegra K1 has its roots in mobile devices) I think it will get even better.

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