Sep 03, 2014

What’s the difference between Google Enterprise and Google for Work?

Both seem to offer the same services. Are Google for Work and Google Enterprise any different, or are both just different names for the same services?


I am not mistaken Google Enterprise doesn't exist anymore. Google for Work is a new name.

Google Enterprise is dead. Long live Google for Work

" Google is taking aim at its enterprise software rivals Microsoft, Amazon, and SAP by rebranding its Google Enterprise arm Google for Work.

The move, part of a new focus on its business offering, is a reaction against the “enterprise” tag, which has become synonymous with slow-moving, outdated technology.

“Google for Work covers not just traditional business but also skills and education. Enterprise alone doesn’t fit these different communities,” Thomas Davies, head of Google for Work in Northern Europe, told the Telegraph. "

Same thing, different name. I think Google just wanted to have a name that was more inclusive of different sized business. After all, how many owners of small businesses with only 2 or 3 employees go out looking for “enterprise” software? I suspect not too many. The term “enterprise” makes it sound like Google’s offering is for Fortune 500 companies, not the mom and pop store around the corner. By calling it Google for Work (or Google Apps for Work) instead, it sounds much more accessible to the average person, and not so much like a product that requires an in-house IT department.  


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