Sep 02, 2014

How to protect iCloud accounts from hackers?

How can people prevent their private photos from being accessed by hackers?


Use a strong password on your email account

Don’t open email attachments that you don't know

If you must take nude photos of yourself, keep your face out of the photo

Make sure you understand how cloud backup services actually work.

Here's a link to Apple's support page that covers how to set up two-step verification:


That's probably your best bet to protect your iCloud account right now.

Don't fear from hackers. Be alert don't share your private information from anywhere. Timte ot time change your icloud password. If don't beleive it security than choose another cloud storage service. For more visit : http://www.forbes.com/sites/markrogowsky/2014/09/03/the-celeb-hack-has-p...


Well, the first thing I would say is don’t upload extremely sensitive material to the cloud. Turn off automatic backups of photos to the cloud - that goes for Android users as well as iPhone folks. If you are going to do it anyway, make sure to enable two-step authentication, as Stevenronald already suggested. This will make it much harder for someone to log into your account from an unregistered computer/device. 


Also, follow basic best practices for passwords. Don’t use a common word (or any single word) for a password. Use a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Equally important, don’t EVER use publicly obtainable information for your challenge questions, i.e. What high school did you attend? If someone knows somethings as basic as where you are from, they can probably guess that one in a try or two.


Be on guard against phishing. Always. It’s easy to forget sometimes that there are a significant number of people out there who think nothing of causing you great harm. Don’t give them the tools to do it.


Two steps verification is the best way to protect iCloud accounts from hackers. It will require you to verify your identity using one of your devices. 


If you're nervous about safety and would quite disable Photo Stream the follow steps:


Open the Settings app on your device >> tap "iCloud >> " Tap "Photos" (or "Photo Stream" in iOS 6) >> manually switch off the Photo Stream feature.


Note:  If something essential is backed up in Photo Stream, make it clear you've backed it up in another place first. 

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