Sep 02, 2014

How to upload PS4 gameplay videos to YouTube?

One of the neat features on the PS4 is that you can easily record gameplay videos of yourself. One of the not so neat things is that there is no easy way to upload those videos to YouTube. It’s as easy as pushing a button to upload to Facebook, but I am sure that my Facebook friends are thankful that I do not subject them to all of my gameplay videos.

Aiden has the right answer for this. Here's a link to the PS4 support page if you have other issues at some point:


Sony has promised to add the capability to upload directly to YouTube in an update this year. Until that update arrives, you will need to link your PS4 to your Facebook account, upload the video directly to Facebook (which is already supported), then use a computer to log onto your Facebook account. Go to the video, get the link and save the URL. Go to SaveFrom.net and enter that URL, then follow the directions there to download it to your computer. THEN...finally…you can just upload to YouTube the video that you just uploaded to Facebook and downloaded from SaveFrom.


If you need them, here are slightly more detailed instructions from pushsquare (one of my favorite gaming sites for Sony systems).     

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