Aug 28, 2014

Job outlook for Hadoop administrators

What is the future outlook for Hadoop administrators?

I'm not sure about the outlook, but you can see thousands of Hadoop jobs on SimplyHired right now. That will give you some idea of what the current Hadoop job market is like out there.


Hadoop hiring is strong, but of course the job outlook is going to vary from location to location. I couldn’t find specific numbers for Hadoop administrators, but demand for developers is up 35% this year according to a dice.com survey. I would think that there has been a similar increase in demand for admins. Of all areas of IT, Hadoop is probably one of the strongest in terms of salary and hiring at the moment, and is likely to remain strong for some time. Here is an article on Information Week that discusses it further -  http://www.informationweek.com/big-data/hardware-architectures/hadoop-jo...  

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