Aug 27, 2014

How to connect wifi on Toshiba laptop

i formated my toshiba sattelite l755 laptop with window 7. then i installed wifi drivers. now wifi signals are indicating. i can't connct wifi. i am asked a password . when i enter password it shows password mismatch. what should i do next?. i am sure password is correct.

4 days ago
Press and hold down the "Fn" function key on the computer's keyboard to display the laptop's hotkey card icons on the screen. Click the "Wireless" icon on the screen or press the corresponding hotkey button on the keyboard, typically the "F8" key on a Toshiba laptop.

Use your wireless network name and wireless password to connect it.
You can get a password for your wi-fi internet connection. and type a correct password or you have to reinstall the wifi driver.
You are not typing the correct password that is why you are having this kind of problem with your computer. so you need to type the correct password. then it will start working fine.

Make sure that in the device manager  power saving options are switched off, download inSSIDer by metageek, install it on your laptop and this will confirm if you are getting an ok signal. It will also tell you if other wifi networks are competing and interfering with yours, if they are, try changing the wireless channel your access point is using between 1,6, & 11, (in fact just try this anyway).

It looks like you have some good answers already, but here's a link to the Toshiba support site in case anything else comes up:


Just go to setting of network connection and follow the instrustions.

Are you entering the WiFi password or your system password? I'm sure that you are aware of the difference, but I've locked myself out of accounts before when I mixed up the passwords so I know that it can happen.



You can get a password for your wi-fi internet connection. You have just need to follow the instruction on given link. It will help to configure wifi internet to your toshiba laptop.



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