Aug 27, 2014

How to chart WiFi performance in a building?

I’m trying to find and minimize all of the WiFi dead zones in a small, two story office building. The company is using an AirPort Extreme gateway, which should be adequate, if not ideal, for the relatively small number of employees that will be on the network in a physically small location. Anyway, what’s the easiest and quickest way to map out the WiFi performance throughout the building, so that we can plan out where desk should be, and where to locate the wireless access point to best performance?


I assume that since you are using an AirPort Extreme you have Macs at that office. The easiest way to map out the WiFi coverage is to use software that lets you draw a floorplan, then take a MacBook around the building to get multiple signal strength readings. NetSpot is pretty good for this. There are probably other good options, but NetSpot is the only one I’ve used. When you are done, you should be have a comprehensive site survey showing the WiFi performance throughout the building, where any dead zones are, and be able to identify and address problems caused by things like plumbing or building materials that are blocking the signal.

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