Aug 27, 2014

How to determine if HP laptop is included in power cord recall?

I read that there has been a recall of HP laptop power supplies that could overheat and pose a fire hazard. How can I determine if my laptop is covered by the recall?


First off, this safety recall also applies to some Comcast laptops, so if you have one of those you should check it as well. The first step is to look at the end of the power cord where it plugs into the transformer (the “black box”). There should be some numbers on the adapter end of the cord. Look to see if it has LS-15 molded into it. If it does, it may be covered by the recall, although not all of the LS-15 cords are. Once you have determined that you do have a LS-15 cord, go to the recall page on HP’s website and enter your model and serial number to see if you are covered in the recall. HP should provide a replacement free of charge if your laptop is one of the recalled units. 

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