Aug 25, 2014

What is a programmer's worst nightmare?

If you develop software for a living, what are some of the fears that keep you up at night? For example, an unreproducible bug in production code? Undocumented software? A hand injury? What else worries you deep down in the core of your coder being?
My boss asked me to bug fix and port a poorly conceived security system that was written in VB6 to C# and ASP.NET. I actually asked him if he was smoking crack...

Later on they decided to just port it to VB.NET which wasn't all that much better, but it did save my sanity. I left that position shortly after...

I don't program for a living but the worst would have to be a bug in low level code that pops up randomly and has absolutely nothing to do with where the error actually is, essentially a Heisenbug


Pair programming with someone who is careless and has an abrasive, defensive personality. With the right person, pair programming can be great, with the wrong person, it can really suck. 

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