Aug 25, 2014

How to monitor computer hardware temperature?

Is there a software solution that can be used to monitor the temperature of various components of a PC, in particular the CPU and graphics card?

How To Check Your Computers Temperature -CPU, VGA, Hard Drive

I’d also add OCCT to the list. It provides decent graphs for real-time monitoring, which makes it easier to see any change in temp. There’s a free version for personal use, as well as a “pro” version that adds a few features.    





You need to use manual tips or a 3rd party tool, because there is no built-in Windows utility to do this.
Monitor CPU Temperature Using the BIOS:
This is a manual way to check out PC Health status (shutdown temperature, CPU Tcontrol, System temperature, CPU fan speed and CPU Vcore etc).

1) Reboot your computer

2) Press the BIOS Key (F2, F10, and Del): If you don’t press key on the time then your system will boot normally.

3) Find the Hardware Monitor


4) Check your CPU Temperature

Use a hardware monitoring program:

1- Open Hardware Monitor

2- Speedfan

3- Core Temp

4- HWMonitor

5- Real Temp


Thanks for the help. I'll give this a go when I get back home this evening. 

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