Aug 22, 2014

What is SED encryption?

What is SED encryption? I saw it in a hard drive description, but I’ve never heard of it before.

Self-encrypting drives: SED the best-kept secret in hard drive encryption security

"An SED is a self-encrypting hard drive with a circuit built into the disk drive controller chip that encrypts all data to the magnetic media and decrypts all the data from the media automatically. All SEDs encrypt all the time from the factory onwards, performing like any other hard drive, with the encryption being completely transparent or invisible to the user."

SED stands for Self Encrypting Drive. This means it will automatically encrypt the files on the drive without you needing to take any steps. Many, if not most current hard drives feature SED. Of course, it doesn’t really protect your data on it’s own since it automatically decrypts the data whenever it is accessed. However you can add a key that will keep the drive locked and encrypted. 


HERE is a nice write-up on SEDs from Techspot that goes into greater detail. 


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