Aug 22, 2014

How to monitor employee’s work issued Android smartphone?

We have an employee that we strongly suspect of some unethical behavior, without going into further detail. She has a work issued Android phone (a Galaxy S4 if that is relevant), and it is to be used only for work related calls, texts, etc. How can we monitor her activity beyond just call logs? I want to see everything - calls, websites visited, location data, incoming and outgoing texts messages, app use….everything. I’m aware of legal concerns, and we will be very careful to stay within legal boundaries.

you need iMonitor Phone Spy, it traces mobile phone in an automatic, stealthy and hidden manner. With this software, you can monitor all her operations, including phone calls, SMS, website visited, GPS location tracking, photos, emails, etc.
The Droid Monitor tracking app might be what you need:


If you have access to the phone, check out the TopSpy app. It has a lot of features, including GPS tracking, call logging, and social media monitoring, but it’s expensive.  A business version costs almost $35 per month.  http://topspymonitoring.com/ 

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