Aug 19, 2014

Will low cost Windows laptops really be “Chromebook killers?”

HP is going to release really inexpensive Windows 8 laptops in the $200 range soon. My past experiences with low-end Windows devices has been mixed at best, with generally sluggish performance that doesn’t encourage me to rush out and buy a $200 Windows laptop. But times change, and maybe cheap Windows laptops have changed too. Are these inexpensive Windows machines going to be able to beat Chromebooks at their own game?


One thing to keep in mind is that Chromebooks are still a fairly niche product, although their popularity is growing. I have a Chromebook and a Windows laptop, and one thing about the Chromebook is that it is a very minimalist design - it starts up and gets you online quickly and easily, so that you can make use of web based applications.


That super inexpensive Windows low end laptop only comes with 2GB RAM. I’m not sure how stripped down the version of Windows they are using is, but my experience with Windows laptops with that little RAM has been less than satisfactory. Heck, my Chromebook has 4GB of RAM, and I find that it is much better with multiple tabs open at once than the 2GB version.


Some people may go with an ultra-inexpensive Windows laptop because Windows is familiar and they aren’t inclined to try new things. They should really consider giving a Chromebook a try. I was surprised at how much I use my Chromebook instead of my Windows laptop. It gets used more than I thought. 95% of the time, I pick it up instead of the Windows machine, except for those time when I need to run Windows compatable software. 


No, not at all. People like the simplicity of Chromebooks and Windows is anything but simple. The inexpensive Windows laptops are just a last gasp of Microsoft to desperately try to hold onto its OS monopoly. The rest of the world has moved past Windows, and there's little or nothing Microsoft can do to stop it now.


Think I'm kidding? Take a look at Amazon's list of bestselling laptops and you'll see Chromebooks all over the place. They are incredibly popular these days.

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