Aug 19, 2014

How to hide a Folder in Window 7

I want to hide my folders in my window 7, so that no one can access those folders. I wan to keep them secure, is their any simpler method by which I can hide my Folders?
Is their a way we can do it without using a software?


Their are many softwares which you can use to hide your folders, but as you don't want use them, let me tell you a simpler method which you use it just using your notepad to create a simple hidden folder.

You have to use simple Codes(which I have provided) to create your hidden folder.

You can use that hidden folder to hide your documents. 

It will also be having a password so that no one can access it.

You can get the codes and can learn how to create password protect folder

3 Quick & Easy Ways To Hide A Folder In Windows 7

"Privacy is hard to come by these days. Whether you are sharing a computer or are generally suspicious of peers who occasionally have access to your computer, you may have the desire to store sensitive information or private files in a safe place. This article provides a summary of three quick and easy ways to hide folders in Windows 7.

Note that none of these solutions will effectively hide your data from knowledgeable users. For truly sensitive and confidential data, I recommend more advanced solutions, which not only hide or luck, but also encrypt your data. For pointers, please see the additional resources section below."
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