Aug 19, 2014

How to upload video to cloud storage immediately while recording?

When recording in an environment with a high risk of your camera being smashed, is there a way to immediately upload the video to cloud storage so that it will be preserved? I was just thinking about situations where people have exonerated themselves from false police charges ONLY because video existed to show that the police were lying. I’m specifically thinking about the situation in Milwaukee where a cop ran a stop sign and broke a young woman’s neck, then charged that sober young woman with OWI to keep from getting in trouble himself. She was only saved from becoming a felon because there was a video that showed that she was completely innocent and the deputy was lying. Of course, he was never charged with a crime, despite being a criminal with a badge. If a cop will lie and arrest you and ruin your life to avoid the consequences of his actions, I can’t help but think smashing your phone would be an obvious option to him as well. 

This article might be of use to you:

Video Recording Confrontations

"The Android program with which I record video is “Mobile Hidden Camera” (MHC) by MHC Software. It is essentially invisible and unstoppable. It records whatever the camera lens sees into a cellphone folder (directory) named “sdcard/mhc/videos”. MHC can be programmed to write a new date- and time-stamped file every so many megabytes. I have set it to chop the video as it records into 2-meg files. This comes to about 1-2 minutes of video in each file, depending on the vigor of on-screen activity.

My internet cloud account is with Dropbox because I find Dropbox to be the most reliable and easy to use cloud service. Dropbox folders (directories) are visible and and their contents alterable from every computer on which you have set up your Dropbox account, whether Mac, Windows, Linux, or Android. Files in the Dropbox cloud are visible and downloadable by anyone to whom you have given the file’s public URL.

Finally, I use an Android program named “Dropsync“, that links the MHC folder on the phone (into which video files are directly recorded) to the Dropbox folder in the cloud (where they are stored). As MHC records each 2-meg file (1-2 minutes of video), Dropsync instantly uploads the file to the Dropbox cloud. Even if my cellphone were destroyed in mid-upload, only 30-60 seconds of video would be lost."
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