Aug 16, 2014

When will Type-C USB connectors be available?

Type-C USB connectors, which among other improvements will be reversible (finally!), were announced early this year. I haven’t heard anything in a long time, though. Are type-c connectors still on the way, and if so, when can we expect to see them reach the marketplace?

USB Type-C connectors have started appears in some smartphones and motherboards. I think within 1-2 years it will gain more popularity and you can see them in more and more devices.
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Fumble-free USB 3.1 connector will be in products by year end

"The redesigned USB connector, belonging to the USB 3.1 specification, could be in laptops and mobile devices by the end of the year.

The appealing advances in the USB 3.1 technology include faster data transfer speeds and the user-friendly Type C connector, which connect to devices on either end. Since users won’t have to worry about plug orientation, they should be less likely to have trouble fitting cables into slots, which will be an improvement over USB connectors."

The most recent news I’ve heard is that the design is now “ready for production.” It can’t come soon enough for me, taking the 50/50 challenge everytime I plug in a USB device is one of those small annoyances that I could do without. I would guess that it would be sometime in 2015 before we start to see manufacturers incorporate type-C connectors in their hardware in any significant way. 

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